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There is nothing more breath taking than watching a storm. The flashes of lightning, rumble of thunder and the sound of rain falling around you. Imagine being a participant and witness to Mother Nature's "other" side. This is not your ordinary storm, and this is not your ordinary storm chasing tour company. Come ride with us and be enthralled as we show you the magnificent and majestic beauty of storm chasing in the Plains.

P.D.S. (Pursuing Dryline Supercells) Storm Chasing Tours, LLC was founded in 2010 by Gene & Barb Robertson, who are both seasoned veterans of storn chasing and storm spotting. Their expierence as well as their love of the weather, offers opportunity for those seeking adventure from a not so "typical" vacation.

P.D.S. Storm Chasing Tours, LLC. encourages our guests to be active participants in the chase as you become a part of the most extreme vacation of a lifetime. During your journey with us, you will not only see weather as it happens, but you will learn about it first hand. You will see when it forms, how it sustains itself and how its interactions enhance our ability to provide you with a view like no other that only the Great Plains and Midwest provide.

Now, come take a look inside. Your journey begins here...


In Memorium...

Tim We want to take a moment to remember 3 chasers who died in the El Reno, OK tornado on May 31st, 2013: Tim Samaras, his son Paul and their friend Carl Young. Tim spent more than 30 years studying the science of tornadic storms and lightning and was widely recognized for being one of the more professional and cautious storm chasers in the field. They will be greatly missed!

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I always consult PDS over any of the local news channels. I love their realistic approach, even if "we don't know" is the best they can do. Thanks!
Gwen W.
St. Louis, MO

The tour was phenomenonal. I was fascinated with the amount of knowledge and education Gene and Barb where able to provide in regards to radar, the atmosphere, different clouds, etc. Gene and Barb guided us to an amazing storm and we were able to witness all aspects of it as well as rotation while feeling extremely safe in their care. I plan on not only continuing on guided tours with this team but also to go to classes that they provide to the community to learn more. PDS storm tours, thank you for an amazing experience which I will never forget and am lucky to have taken part in.
Liz B.
Hillsboro, MO

I had been waiting for a long time to go on one of the "on call" tours. When I finally went I was not disappointed. Gene and Barbara are not only very knowledgeable but also funny and just good people to be around. They were able to place us in the PERFECT spot to see amazing storm structure. After getting some great photos and watching the super cell form, we were able to get out of the storms path to safety in time to watch the funnel cloud form. Will definitely be going again.
Jason B.
Hillsboro, MO

This was my first time out in "tornado alley" and I was not disappointed! We saw 7 tornadoes in one afternoon! They did a great job at getting close but not too close, never felt like we were in danger! Safety was definitely high on their priority list. It was a long drive, but we covered a lot of ground and saw some amazing sights! They were very professional and friendly, taking the time to point out storm development and the "little things to watch for" as a tornado forms up.
Joe L.
Owensville, MO

PDS was, at the time I went with them, a new storm chasing tour company and I was one of their first customers. I rode with Gene and three others and it was more like going with friends or family rather than going with a tour company. On this 5-day tour we were quite unlucky with the weather but Gene really did everything (literally) it took for me to see some storms. We drove from New Mexico to North Dakota and back in those five days. This dedication is something I really, really appreciated! It paid off as well since we got to see a tornado at sunset on the very last day. We came back in the middle of the night on our last day, just so we could follow that last storm. That is why dedication is important! PDS may be small but they compensate this by having really good service. I have been on three different tours and when it comes to service, they are unmatched. This was a great tour but the unconfomfortable truck pulls down the grade a bit. I would recommend PDS, especially in terms of the relatively low cost of the tour (at the time when I went).
Christoffer B.
Stockholm, Sweden

There really are not a lot of words I can use to fully describe my experience with PDS. Epic, would be the best word if I had to choose. This was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an awe inspiring experience!
Jodi W.
Festus, MO

I look to your forecast when storms are coming....your predictions are spot on....you guys rock!!!!!
Sharon S.
Great Bend, Indiana

Love seeing a reasonably accurate long-term forecast!
Mick H.
Normal, Illinois

Thanks PDS for the showing at Holy Rosary for Pack 370 cub scouts. They learned a lot!
Jason W.
Warrenton, MO

We sat through a 3 hour presentation today at Lost Valley and I have to say these are amazing people and I'm glad we had the privilege to meet them!
Sandra P.
Owensville, MO

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