Welcome to Storm Chasing Adventures  & Stories! This blog site is a part of our parent company, P.D.S. Storm Tours.  The site has been down for a while as our website was being rebuilt. In these blog posts, you will be able to follow our adventures as we chase Mother Natures most spectacular weather. You will get first hand accounts of our chases as well as our storm chase tours as we take people just like you out to witness the awesome power of thunderstorms.

Not only will you be able to read about our adventures, you will also be able to learn about severe weather here as well. We will post stories about severe weather and how it forms, the tools we use to make our forecasts and also learn about past weather events and what was learned from them.

Thank you for following us here. We are excited to begin this renewed site and bring you the passion and excitement of weather like you have never seen before.

Gene Robertson – Lead Forecaster